Things that look nice in my house

When I started this blog I vehemently swore to Mr bear that I was not going to be one of those people “who take pictures of all their nice stuff around the house then goes ‘ooo! look at all my nice stuff! ‘” Not that there is anything wrong with that kind of blog, everyone likes to take a peek into other people’s houses. I just wanted my blog to be more about the crafty things I get up to and the thoughts that I have.

Well today I am devoid of interesting thoughts. I have one quilt on the go but I’ve posted pictures of it already. I’m being strict about putting pictures of little bear on my blog because that is what my Facebook page is for (I am officially the biggest baby bore over there) so that leaves me with…..not a lot.

Why not just wait until you have something worthwhile to say? I hear you ask. Well, I’ve got some nice bits and bobs in my house… and a camera to practice with…. so I shall place my hypocritical hat firmly on my head and proceed with “oooo! look at all my nice stuff!”

Love Susie xxx

*Please note: These are all close ups because around these groups of nice stuff is an awful lot of ordinary stuff. And baby stuff. And husband stuff.







Silver linings…

Everything is all of a flutter in the three bear’s house right now and we are feeling the strain a bit. Mr Bear has lots of musical and academic ideas that are keeping him up late, I am preparing to go back to work after seven blissful months of maternity leave and little bear has so much changing for her that she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going!

I am trying to really appreciate all the twists and turns that my life is taking at the moment. I could quite easily become disheartened and cross but there are some things that I just cannot change, indeed, if I look closely I might see that what I thought to be just a big, black storm cloud actually has a bright silver lining. That is what I am chanting, mantra-like, to myself daily anyway.

And amidst all the change and turmoil I have decided to start a blog. Why put that extra pressure on myself? Because it gives me a sense of control, a feeling that although so many decisions have been taken out of my hands and I have to go back to working for the man,  I can also do this for myself. It will keep me focused on the things that make me happy. My family. My creativity.

Talking of silver linings, I’ve got some lovely projects to finish up and send off over the next few days, including a surprise for my sister who is getting married next weekend! I’ll be sure to share a few pictures as it’s going to be such a beautiful day.

For now, here’s some of my work in progress.

Love Susie xxx

psloganquilt2 pslibertyquilt pshelliquilt