Welcome. My name is Susie and this is a blog about me, my family and all the lovely things I make at home.

My current love is for quilting because I am a fabric magpie.  I have been surrounded by it all my life, coming from a family of dress-makers and artists I have a keen eye for print and colour. The obsession with patchwork started quite young as well, begging my mum to make me a quilt when she probably didn’t have the time but made one with me anyway. I remember it had little bears marching between plain blues and pinks.

Now I am grown up I have made my own daughter a quilt. But it wasn’t enough to just make the one, I’ll make one for you if you like.

I also make bespoke bridal headpieces, it’s a project that got laid to one side for a while but I feel it’s time for a revival.

I’ll pretty much have a go at making anything, I love quick ,crafty projects and making our home look beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by and come again soon,

Love Susie xxx


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