Busy bee…

I have spent the last few days making and giving presents in the sunshine!

bag bagclose baginside

It has been very satisfying making this little bag and I managed it entirely from fabric that I had hoarded away! I knew I was hanging onto it all for a reason. It was a learning curve as I’ve never made a bag before so I kept it simple and didn’t attempt to put zips or pockets in. It’s nicely padded, quilted and fully lined and I think our 7 year old niece was pretty pleased with it.

I also tried out a bit of freeform quilting.

runner1 runner2

I don’t have an embroidery foot for my sewing machine so I decided to create a design that was made entirely from straight lines. It was really rewarding and I love the simplicity of the colour palette. I usually just go for as many colours as possible but this design really lent itself to a cleaner, more graphic look. I will definitely be experimenting with more of this type of sewing.

I’ve also made some progress with the Liberty print quilt!


I’ve decided to turn it into my version of a traditional sampler quilt, with lots of different blocks. As usual I’m making it up as I go along, which can be hazardous because I might run out of fabric before I’ve finished!

I am really loving very graphic, linear designs at the moment so I’m trying to marry the sweet, floral fabric with lots of modern patterns. Hopefully I’ll pull it off! So far my favourite block is the chevrons. (All you master quilters out there, don’t look too hard at my wonky stitching or you may feel faint!)


All this making and relaxing in the Devon sunshine has been a welcome distraction from the looming cloud of work that hangs over wednesdays horizon. I just need to DO it and slowly we’ll adjust to the new routine and everything will feel better. Little bear loves her new child minder so I really don’t need to worry about that. I just wish that I was going back to work to do something I love to do, like create. I suppose I will just have to start making cheese sculptures or charcuterie collages instead! And I’ll be super nice to all the customers so they go away with a smile as well as a pasty. I’ll make the most of it while I think of a new plan…

Love Susie xxx


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