A wedding of three parts


Well we are back home in Devon having spent the last week preparing for my sister’s wedding. What a gorgeous wedding it was! A truly happy day filled with such relaxed and joyful celebrating.

This blog post is not going to be what I intended it to be. I wanted to photograph all the amazing homemade flower bunting and the stunning woven flower arch. I wanted to capture on film the way the light filtered through the arrow slits of the 17th century barn at Lyde Court where they tied the knot. I wanted to show off Helli’s fairytale inspired gown and my own lovely, floaty, rusty rose bridesmaid’s dress, both made by our mother. Mr Bear looked very handsome in his suit and little bear was so cute in her little floral pinafore.

The truth is, I was so busy trying to balance bridesmaid duties, motherhood and having a good time that my camera got completely neglected! I am notoriously bad at documenting big occasions because I get so caught up in the festivities and this time was no different. It is the first big event that we three have attended as a family and I think Mr Bear and I had a major “Oh my god we’re parents” moment.

He spent the ceremony outside because little bear was very overwhelmed at first. I was otherwise engaged in doing my sister’s hair and getting her into her amazing gown, then preceding her down the aisle and beaming at her all the way through the ceremony. They had a re-working of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear as their reading and Rich’s sister delivered it brilliantly.

Eventually, after much wandering around,  I located them in the car park where Mr Bear was doing a stirling job of calming a hysterical baby in the back of our car. I suppose there was just no way to predict how she was going to react to 160 odd people all in one space and to her credit, once she’d had a bottle and a nap she did brilliantly for the rest of the day.

The speeches were sweet, heartfelt and hilarious, the hog roast was delicious and the musicians were talented. I drank a glass of champagne and half a cider, felt a bit tipsy and panicked about dropping the baby. Mr bear looked on longingly as other people knocked back their beers, knowing that he was responsible for getting us home at the end of the night. A wedding, especially an important one, is very different when you are sober, although in no way did my sobriety diminish the magic of the day.

In the evening there was a traditional Irish Ceili, which was brilliant fun, completely knackering and once you’re into the dance it’s almost impossible to escape as each one leads into another. I skipped around and made an idiot of myself for three dances before slipping away to locate my family, Mr bear having made a bolt for the door at the first fiddle started up!

I found them both outside in the evening air, little bear completely KO’d in her carrier. We’d made it to 9pm and now it was time for bed.

I felt so guilty leaving before the bonfire and late night disco, especially being the bride’s sister. But my life has changed, I have a family of my own now and leaving early is something that comes with having very young children. That day, I was three people. A sister, a bridesmaid and a mother. It blew my mind slightly, in a good way.

And I did have just enough forethought to photograph my hand tied bouquet before it started to wilt. For the rest we will have to rely on the trusted talents of the wedding photographer. I promise to share this wonderful day in more detail then.

Love Susie xxx



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