Wedding belles and floral crowns

Before little bear was born and I became obsessed with quilts, I was making bridal headpieces. I still do make them. My sister asked me to make her a comb for her wedding next weekend and it re-awakened my interest in the gargantuan market that is bridal accessories!

At the time I was working very long hours and although I had a fair few commissions, I was daunted by the task of selling myself in such a huge industry. Then I got pregnant and my ability to concentrate went out the window, so my headdresses got laid to one side.

The idea really started when I couldn’t find the ideal headdress for my own wedding two years ago. I wanted something delicate and floral but also unusual and most of all, not too sparkly! We had a country wedding so I really wanted to achieve a relaxed, pretty look. I did think about fresh flowers in my hair but I was worried I might look a bit bedraggled by the end of the evening. I looked high and low for the perfect ornament but failed to find what I had pictured in my head so in the end I made my own and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I used polymer clay to hand craft each flower and leaf, semi-precious stones (faceted moon stones in my case) and wire to create my circlet. Photograph courtesy of Alice Deuchar Photography.


This lovely commission for Lucy was such a breath of fresh air because she wanted something different and really bright, featuring buttons. Making this circlet was a wonderful challenge and she was very happy with the outcome, I think you’ll all agree that she looked beautiful. Photograph courtesy of Jon Rouston Photography.


My inspirational friend and fellow blogger Franky, some of you may know her as Love Audrey, asked me for a circlet for her daughter Izzy. Franky had the most fabulous wedding on a crisp January day and the very gorgeous Izzy was to be bridesmaid. I made a sweet and simple circlet in muted pink and grey, featuring some lovely grey freshwater pearls. Photograph courtesy of Eliza Claire Photography.


I surprised myself by loving all the sparkles in my lovely friend Deborah’s comb. It was definitely the right way to go with this piece though and the way the little swarovski beads caught the light was really rather stunning. Photograph courtesy of Elina Photography.


I’ve also got a few pieces for sale in a gorgeous little studio run by the talented Erin Cox. the whole of Castle street studios is overflowing with talent and my work is displayed next to the simply dreamy creations of Phoebe Stockman, bridal Atelier.

image image

It fills me with a sense of pride to see such beautiful brides wearing headpieces that I made for them. Having a look back through these photographs has certainly reminded me that I may have been onto a good thing. I’ll probably get going on it all again soon. I think I’ll feel far more confident this time around.

Love Susie xxx


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