A daughter’s quilt


I thought I would tell you how I became a quilt-maker.

I have always loved patchwork. As a child it was the detail that fascinated me, the hundred tiny squares, each with a snippet of pattern. It was a feast for my senses, like a picture book  that you could snuggle under at night.

So I begged my mum to make me a quilt. My busy mother with two young children and a part time job, so skilled at making my dance costumes or altering the hems on our school dresses. I didn’t understand why she wasn’t bubbling over with excitement at the prospect. I couldn’t fathom the amount of hours that go into the sort of quilt I had in mind and there were no YouTube tutorials in those days. It just didn’t dawn on me that she wouldn’t know how to do it. But she was resourceful and imaginative and could see how passionate I was about it, so she tried.

The finished quilt was simple, unwadded and beautiful. She used four fabrics in large squares, blue, pink, cream and a pattern of little bears. My memory of the evening we draped it at the foot of my single bed is still crystal clear. I sat up until late, just looking at it and took it into school to show the teacher the next day.

I wish I still had that quilt.

We must now fast forward quite a few years, I grew up, and turned my attention to other artistic ventures, never considering myself much of a seamstress. My sewing machine sat barely used in a cupboard and it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my own little girl that I thought to use it.

I needed to make a cover for an old rocking chair we had rescued from the tip and I only had scraps of fabric. I had such a burst of inspiration that I cut, patched, quilted and finished the cover in one day. It’s amazing what that nesting phase can spur a woman to create!

I haven’t stopped since that day. I have never been so passionate about a creative venture as I have about this. I think I was always destined for it. I am a confessed fabric junkie and I’m having so much fun.

I love making quilts for other people. I am a huge advocate of bespoke items, why have what everyone else has if you can have something unique?

I am so looking forward to what’s coming next and I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride too.

Love Susie xxx

Baby bears chair


2 thoughts on “A daughter’s quilt

  1. Ah thank you! It’s a mixture of Liberty tana lawn and vintage sheets. I’m desperate to start it but haven’t has a chance yet, it’s baby bears new quilt 🙂

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